“Your mind has plenty of seeds planted (ideas, visions, dreams and goals). If you don’t water your mind as often, how do you expect your seedlings to grow?”

-An Excerpt From Average To Awesome By Tim Bowers

Since reading chapter four I have enrolled in online classes to finish my 2nd bachelors. I am afraid but I’m “DOING IT ANYWAY!”

- Mrs. Bruce-Smith

This book is amazing and very motivating. I love that this book allows me to complete a self-reflection at the end of each chapter, giving me an opportunity to examine myself and see how I can improve in various areas of my life. Make sure to grab a highlighter and pencil! I’ve been able to take away so many “nuggets” from this book. Each chapter makes you want to keep reading! It captivates you! You can’t help but go full speed ahead into greatness after reading this! Everyone, young and old, can relate to Mr. Bowers’ testimony in this book, which is why it deserves 5 stars. Awesome work.

- Amazon Book Review

Ever so often you need that extra push, reassurance and motivation to keep you focused and on the right track. There are times when you don’t have those words of wisdom and guidance to help with self-doubt and those sedentary moments. Tim’s life is inspiring; his stories have powerful meanings which are relative no matter what age or level of success; and his morals are practical, nothing too complex to rethink the process but to guide you no matter where you are. As a small business owner, this book definitely gave me the energy to push the envelope.

-Amazon Book Review


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