Timothy Bowers Story

Tim grew up fatherless and in one of the poorest towns in South Carolina. He was labeled an at-risk youth less likely to make it, expelled from 7th grade, serve time in the Department of Juvenile Justice at 13 years old, almost experienced being homeless as a high school student and didn’t have anyone in his family that graduated from college. Instead of complaining, Tim decided to use his upbringing struggles and experiences as motivation to take his life from average to awesome.

He graduated from high school on time and earned his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration from Benedict College. His achievement made him a first-generation college graduate. Two months after graduation, he began working for a Fortune 500 company in sales. In his first year, he won the Top Performer Sales Banker award. At the age of 26, he started building his second business, Tim Bowers Enterprise, providing student development and motivational speaking to middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities worldwide. At the age of 29, Tim wrote his first book, Average to Awesome: Transitioning From Where You Are to Where You Want to Be. At the age of 30, Tim was recognized by Columbia Metropolitan Magazine as one of Columbia, South Carolina Top Ten Young Professionals. At the age of 31, he became an Award-Winning Author.  Tim’s transition from his past to his present serves as a testament to students that against all odds, YOU CAN STILL SUCCEED!

For over five years, Tim has worked in the educational arena as a motivational speaker, mentor and at-risk youth advocate. His overall mission is to inspire the minds of people globally, to make a positive impact on communities around the world and to fill people up with the courage to go after the desires of their heart.

Tim Bowers lives by his own mantra: “You were not born to be average.  You were born to leave a legacy worth remembering.”